03 November 2010

November 3: Feast Day of St. Hubertus, Patron Saint of Hunters

I couldn't let the day go by with out posting about one of my favorite medieval Saints, St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters, dogs, forest workers, furriers, trappers, archers, metal workers, machinist, mathematicians & opticians.   St. Hubert's association with hunters & hunting dogs led to his patronage against rabies, dog bites and badly behaved dogs.

01 November 2010

Trick-or-Treat: Pit Bull Style

Have you ever reached a point on a project in which it has frustrated you to the point that you are more than ready to take a dead blow hammer to it and smash it all to hell because it has frustrated you so much?

Yes?  Then you know why I am taking a brief break to spare my laptop the tender mercies of my hammer collection.    Anyways, to distract myself from the urge to display the "Irish", I figured I'd post some of our pictures from Halloween/ Samhain.

The "Grem-Reaper" and "Pump-pit" or "Pit-kin"

27 October 2010

Veto Power

No.  Not dog  related, but rather amusing, so I had to share.

My 8 year old daughter, the Gremlin is in fourth grade.  They are studying the State of CT and the government in social studies right now.

I just received a phone call from her teacher about the test she took this morning.

When asked what a veto was, Gremlin wrote, "is when the President says NO to a bill given to him to sign into law.  It can also be an italian guy too."

At least her teacher was amused.

The child who would live in BDU's if we let her

She has an A- in Social Studies, an A- in Science, can read Le Morte d'Arthur, thinks that Theodore Roosevelt rocks and wants to be a United States Marine when she grows up. 

(pit)Bull in a China Shop

Saturday, I ventured out to the indoor Flea Market to poke around the tools for a few metal rulers to mount to my work bench and take some pictures of the pyrex for Erica of PinkSuedeShoe.

My service dog, Birdie is so well trained that we always receive compliments on her when we are out.  This time was no exception.

See?  I am a GOOD dog.   psssst.......Did you see that tool box over there, Mom?

22 October 2010

Changes are coming.....

It doesn't take much to make me happy. 

On a whim, I hopped into a chat on Retrieverman's weblog last night with himself and Christopher of Border (Collie) Wars.  I learned about dog and human genetics that I didn't know and went to bed happy with my new found knowledge and a list of things to look up & research in the notepad that I keep next to my laptop.  Nothing makes me happier than learning something new about a subject that I love.

I came to the realization that I need blog about the thing I am most passionate about, the history of dogs.  Nothing fascinates me more.  I spend hours climbing through book stacks, combing through book barns, searching the internet, pouring through documents, tax records, accounting, wills, estate reports and other records that are hundreds of years old, cataloging information & documenting images. 

Historical Hound will soon become all about dogs.  Other posts about my crafting, war paint (mineral make-up), product reviews, disability and subject matter not directly related to Canine history will be moved into another blog with a forwarding link left in the original post.  Posts about the attacks by the "ladies" on the Ugly site against Kristen & Aromaleigh will remain here as well as be moved to the new blog.

Once the other blog is ready to go with all the posts moved, I will post a link.

07 October 2010

A bit of inspiration for all of us.

One of my FAVORITE blogs right now is Ana White's, "putting the make in homemaker".  I can not tell you how much I enjoy this blog.  Ana is a woman after my own heart.  She has her own tools and she knows how to use them!

One of her recent posts about a woman named Stephanie really inspired me. You see, in spite of being a quadriplegic, Stephanie decided she was going to build a farmhouse bed for her daughter and she did it!  With a little help from an auto hammer (I really must get one of those!) and a little help here & there, it came out beautifully.

She says that "Sometimes in life we need all we need to do is TRY".  And try she did.  Please take a moment to read Stephanie's awesome story and check out the beautiful bed that she made.

 Although my disability is very different, sometimes doing woodworking projects is hard for me, especially during times when the sjogren's syndrome flares and my hands are weak and painful.    Like Stephanie, I am not allowed to use power tools unless there is an adult home, in the same area that I am working and armed with a cell phone in case I have an accident.

As I have always said, "My disability doesn't stop me, it just slows me down.  Sometimes."